Monday, 22 September 2014


There are clouds that blanket the sky like a shroud, flat featureless swaths of grey.

There are clouds like great snow encrusted mountains resting on the horizon some distance away.

The cumulonimbus cloud as it descends is quite dramatic, darkening the air with electric shadows.

The clouds I like the best are cirrus, wisps of translucence like the gentle stroke of an artist's brush. It is astonishing to think that so many miles up, it is raining.

I enjoy the sky in the evening. Skies preceding turbulent weather when many cloud types - cirrus, altocumulus, altostratus - compete to catch the vibrant colours cast by the receding sun.

Flat-bottomed cumulus on a sunny day remind me of days out at carnival or an amusement park. They way they form in neat, patient rows is quite charming.

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