Friday, 10 October 2014

Beautiful Things

An autumnal day with the trees in their burnt colours and the mist rising loosely over the fields, making the landscape look like a Chinese painting.

The night of a full moon, an occasional cloud veiling its light.

Cold moonlight shining on slate roofs.

The bright flash of a fox’s tail as it slinks out of sight. 

The song of a blackbird. This is especially beautiful if heard early in the morning when there is little other noise to interrupt its clear, trilling sound.

Frogs. Though many people find frogs quite ugly, there is something beautiful about their slick, rubbery skin and the way they hold themselves immobile. A frog jumping is a very amusing sight.

A spider's web beaded by dew or frost.

The bare fields, stripped of wheat. 

Wildflower meadows busy with many-coloured flowers, themselves heavy with bees and other insects.

The Peacock butterfly. I love to find them basking on the side of my house, or the ripe flowers of a buddleia. Their soft, brightly coloured wings and larger than average size are quite impressive.

Libraries. Not only are many library buildings quite beautiful pieces of architecture, what they represent is perhaps more beautiful.
Manchester central library

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