Monday, 20 October 2014

Sad things

A woman crying on the train. The way she curls her hands around her face to disguise her tears is saddening.

A stump-footed pigeon hobbling after a piece of bread.

Elderly people left alone for Christmas or holidays. Their loneliness is quite sorrowful and unnecessary.

Two people arguing about something unimportant. You can tell from the way they scream at each other that the true reason for their disagreement remains buried below the surface, unspoken.

Someone kneeling at an alter, praying fervent prayers.

A parent sitting by the bedside of their sick child. Their helplessness and powerlessness is extremely saddening.

The body of a rabbit being picked at by birds.

A funeral at which no one is present.

The devotion of a person which is lost on the other. To see affection offered and dismissed is most distressing. 

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